A New Hope (or something like that)

This site was originally created a few years back in a fit of ambition to create more travel and experiences focused content. Which didn’t happen even before the pandemic and certainly didn’t happen during. At the same time, my professional content mostly went out to a variety of other sites; I wound down publishing content myself especially after I dropped my podcast. Which is a long-winded way of saying I haven’t blogged much, either here or on my other personal blog site.

However, as we reach the midpoint of 2023, I’ve decided to make some changes. After a fair amount of thought, I’ve decided to repurpose this blog and site to focus on my professional activities. I was an industry analyst for about ten years and I will, among other things, be doing work in that vein again. Historically, I focused on infrastructure—including, at one point, the architecture of large Unix servers. At this point, given over a decade of experience at Red Hat and having written a book on the topic, As the principal at BitMasons, as an analyst, I’ll also be focused on open source (or really openness more broadly) in addition to platforms (which is roughly what the cool kids call infrastructure these days although it’s much more software-centric than infrastructure used to be).

My Connections blog will see more activity again. I considered simply consolidating my professional and personal blogs as I don’t draw a hard line between the two worlds. In the end though, I decided it made more sense to create this site as a more or less serious (shudder) work thing and keep my existing blog for whatever personal or tech ephemera I decide to toss over there. Feel free to browse that blog and the selected publications posted on this site to see some of my past work.

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