Gordon Haff and BitMasons provide advisory and consulting services with a focus on assisting organizations with the guidance they need on open source practices and technologies in order to succeed. We also take writing, speaking, and other engagements that support our clients.

Gordon has decades of experience in the tech industry, has written books on open source and related topics, and has advised both clients and customers on complex business and technology decisions.

But he doesn’t just do tech. On this site, you will also find his other writing, photography, and musings on technology, travel, and more. Enjoy!


  • AI is looking summer-y

    It never got to the point where the whispers about an impending AI winter got that commonplace, loud, or confident. However, as widespread commercialization of some of the most prominent AI applications—think autonomous vehicles—slipped well past earlier projections, doubts were inevitable. At the same time, the level of commercial investment relative to past AI winters…

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  • Kubecon: From contributors to AI

    I find that large industry shows like KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (henceforth referred to as just KubeCon for short) are often at least as useful for plugging into the overall zeitgeist of the market landscape and observing the trajectory of various trends as they are for diving deep on any single technology. This event, held in…

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  • A New Hope (or something like that)

    This site was originally created a few years back in a fit of ambition to create more travel and experiences focused content. Which didn’t happen even before the pandemic and certainly didn’t happen during. At the same time, my professional content mostly went out to a variety of other sites; I wound down publishing content…

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